Julia + Ariel’s Save The Date

All it took was a mutual facebook friend and then a “blind date” to get these two together and the rest is history. Anyone who knows Ariel and Julia know how different they truly are… Julia is silly, sweet, warm, and soft spoken and Ariel is well…. wild, fun, adventurous, and outspoken! Together, they are truly perfect and complement one another in every way; bringing out the best in each other.

On NYE 2009, Ariel got down on one knee and asked Julia to share the rest of her life with him. And finally, nearly 3 years later, they are taking the plunge and joining us on the better side… the married side! Here is their save the date video giving their friends and family a glimpse into their lives, filled with love, laughs, and two adorable dogs.

Julia and Ariel, we can’t wait for 9/16! We know it will be beautiful just like your love.

With Love,

GT + Caritza


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One Response to Julia + Ariel’s Save The Date

  1. Julia says:

    Thank you soooooo much for this wonderful memory! I can picture it already, Ariel and I, sitting in our living room--popcorn at hand--with our children… and me saying: Yep, our wonderful friends created this beautiful video for us to share the happy news of our upcoming wedding. We are lucky to know beautiful people. Thank you! Thank you!

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