Roger that!!

When we are shooting weddings it is very important for us to be in constant communication and aware of one another at all times.   There’s nothing worse than being at a ceremony trying to get another person’s attention from across the room…9 out of 10 times everyone else in the room will notice you except the person you really want to.   We needed the head bobbing, and hand waving to stop, and using a cell phone was not an option because we didnt want our brides to think we were updating our facebook status throughout the day.  Lucky for us, a photographer we worked with Nayeem Vohra had the answer we needed.  He and his assistants used walkie talkies to communicate like 007 and we were on it like white on rice.  GT and I looked at each other and said, “why didn’t we think of that before?!?!?”

The following week, we were sporting our secret service gear like pros and we haven’t looked back.  Ever since, we’ve been able to tell one another what we’re shooting at any given time, let one another know if we need them to move out of the shot, or simply to say I love you, or flirt a bit :-)

We love our walkies talkies and honestly can’t imagine shooting a wedding without them.

GT Modern Creations - Walkie Talkies

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